Niagara Scenery Photos

Niagara Scenery Photos
Niagara Web Design & Canadian Author

Niagara Scenery PhotographerJohn Hartig is a Niagara Author! His passion also embraces Web Design in Vineland and the greater Niagara Region. He is likewise blessed [or cursed] with an obsession to snap pictures of Niagara scenery! These passions are a great way to keep busy during retirement.

I spend much of my time making cards out of my Niagara scenery pictures. My cards are eager to find a nice home in any small business within the Niagara Region, for example restaurants or wineries or Bed and Breakfasts...or heck, a truck-stop will do! My scenery cards are sized so that you can readily frame them in a 5x7 inch frame. I charge what it costs me to make them, with a minimum order of 10 cards for $30. Envelopes are included. If I cover my cost, I can happily continue in my hobby. The recommended sale price is $5 per card, so that the buyer, at least, gets something for promoting my cards. I include a variety of Niagara-based images in my stock. They are all different. A person can also order enlargements which could put a colourful touch on the wall of any home or office. Oh, and I almost forgot, I design coffee table books too, also at cost. What I won't do to get my name out there!

I use my niagara scenery photos as a vehicle to promote my other hobby, which is Vineland and greater Niagara Web Design. I have a Web Master Certificate from Mohawk College, and through this skill create my Vineland web design from scratch. I use no templates. My focus is websites for family, small businesses or even a couple's new wedding photos!



Niagara Picture Card

Card Front

Niagara Picture Card

Card Back

coffee table book

Coffee Table Book



My Vineland Web Design is cell-phone friendly and designed with visual appeal. Family, wedding, ancestry and small business fall within my capable hands! Maybe a website or a trailer for your Niagara novel, potentially your great Canadian novel! An example is my own novel, Duplicity, which is now available on Amazon, Chapters, Kobo and Kindle. It's about an RCMP Sergeant stationed in Newfoundland, who solves his aunt's murder, and also helps prove the innocence of a teenager falsely accused of killing his own mother.

Besides my Vineland Web Design and being a Niagara Author, I am willing to teach local seniors the ins and outs of their computers or their digital cameras! I go on a yearly trek in spring and autumn, seeking out striking landscapes and landmarks around the Niagara Region. It would be great to have you along as my companion to pass on my skills and knowledge about picture taking which I've gathered over the years. It might cost you the cost of a Timmy's when we discuss the merits of our photographic jaunt. I am also adept at using a scanner and photoshop, so my lessons include a lot of things.

You can take a quick peek now at my lovely scenic pictures by going to my Photo Gallery of Niagara . Pour yourself a coffee and sit a spell.

niagara scenery

John Hartig

Niagara Author + Vineland Web Designer + Niagara Scenery Photographer

Ph: 905-562-7821


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