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Niagara Scenery Photo Books

For Home or Office

Scenery Photographer John Hartig

John Hartig
Niagara Web Design
Author/ Photographer/ Web Designer

Phone: (905) 562-7821

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My photo books are not cheap. They have to be specially ordered from New York. $150. Large orders, however, are negotiable depending upon sale offers from My Publisher. The design of these lovely niagara photo books has been a satisfying retirement hobby for me.








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Niagara Scenery Prints
for Home or Office


Niagara Scenery Prints by John Hartig.

8X10 or 12 $20
11x14 $25
11x16 $30
12x12 $35
12x18 $40
12x36 $45
16x20 $55
16x24 $65
24x36 $80


Vineland Photo Cards

My Vineland Photo Cards are for sale for $2.00 apiece at the Vineland Public Library. Proceeds go to the local library. I began making scenery cards several years ago after I found that I spent too much money for matting and framing pictures which I displayed in an exhibition at the library...and then I ended up giving them away because we didn't have room for them in the house. I followed my wife's advice to go small to show off my photography art work. If you're ever in Vineland stop by at the library and ask.

Niagara SceneryPhotographer
-- John Hartig --



For Businesses

*My niagara images are available to businesses for brochures, calendars, posters, bill-boards and other websites -- it would be nice to hear from you!

As a retired guy, I am also available for instructions in photoshop, photography, web design, hosting and let me see, photographic jaunts, with seniors around the Niagara area to get scenery pictures. A coffee and doughnut at Timmy's might do me, depending how much time and my own costs are involved.

niagara scenery photos



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