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By John Hartig

"Hold it! I think you're going to like this picture!"

My pastime was not always web design here in Vineland. I started out as a photojournalist, then a teacher, then a once in a while weddng photographer...and only then, a web designer for my own sites, and now an author in our cozy little Vineland!

Still, that quotation up above has always been near and dear to my heart. It was the famous television line from The Bob Cummings Show of the late 1950s. He said that to the audience at the beginning of every show and then flashed the camera at them. I liked watching that comedy show when I was a kid. Bob Cummings' profession was, of course, photographer. In the 1950s, he would have known all about weddings but he would have known nothing about web design. Therefore I count it a double blessing that I was able to do both things, on occasion, as a hobby while I was semi-reitred. It's a great way for a retired person to keep busy, plus I read a lot, and write.

John Hartig
Niagara Web Design
Author/ Photographer/ Web Designer

Phone: (905) 562-7821

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Niagara Web Designs


John Hartig Photograpy


As a retired person, I've been able to practise a lot of things with my camera and my computer. Here is a brief list of the skills I've applied to my own family photos, my sites and my books on Niagara.



  • weddings
  • engagements
  • portraits
  • families
  • photo repair
  • scanning
  • enhancements
  • albums
  • hosting
  • web design
  • banners + logos
  • personal sites
  • wedding + family sites
  • small business
  • slideshows
  • provide images for brochures
    + posters
  • CD custom design


  • prints for home or office
  • coffee table books of Niagara
  • Niagara landmarks
  • Niagara Falls
  • Niagara on the Lake
  • Balls Falls + Bruce Trail
  • Port Dalhousie
  • Morningstar Mill
  • seasons + flowers
  • photo cards 5x7

Niagara Scenery Photo Books

By the way, if you get the crazy idea of ordering one of my photo books, they are not cheap. They come from the United States, therefore, customs and shipping charges apply. Maybe that's why I don't get any orders. But who cares? I've enjoyed designing these books as a personal retirement activity.


John Hartig Photograpy



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Ordering Enlargements

To order: take note of the I.D., that is the Category and Picture Number. A brief description would also help. Prints must be picked up at my house and payment must be made in cash. Wait time, 10 days.

Please phone or e-mail John: E-mail_John
Tel.: 905-562-7821

8X10 or 12 $20
11x14 $25
11x16 $30
12x12 $35
12x18 $40
12x36 $45
16x20 $55
16x24 $65
24x36 $80


My Photo Cards

My Photo Cards are for sale for $2.00 apiece at the Vineland Public Library. Proceeds go to the local library. I began card-making several years ago after I found that I spent too much money for matting and framing pictures which I displayed in my exhibition...and then I ended up giving them away because we didn't have room for them in the house.

After all that expense, my wife and I decided that "going small" in card-making would satisfy my need to show off my pictures, and at the same time, be less bulky and less costly. Many of the images on my cards are now altered digitally through Adobe Photoshop with pleasing results. But the wonders of electronics would be nothing, if it were not for having a decent picture to start with. If you're ever coming through Vineland or Beamsville, do stop in at the libraries!
Niagara Photographer
-- John Hartig --


Niagara Web Design


For Businesses

*My images are also available to businesses for brochures, calendars, posters, bill-boards and other websites -- through contract or arrangement!



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