John Hartig Photos | Granny's Boot Antiques

John Hartig Photos | Granny's Boot Antiques

Granny's Boot Antiques is a quaint shop located in the friendly village of Vineland. Their shop is a delight to my eyes. The local proprietors, Granny and Debbie, permit me to come in with my camera.

I especially like antiques, collectibles and glassware. Both Deb and Madge, the proprietors of Granny's Boot Antiques in Vineland have been good to me. Whenever I get an urge for what I call "therapy", they let me come in and take photographs in their antiques shop. They don't just let anybody do this. We've known one another for over 10 years. Vineland is a small and friendly community.

"Granny" Madge always rearranges things in her shop, so there's always something new that strikes the eye when you walk in. And what do you see? It could be any number of things: paintings, antique furniture, jewellery, plates, cups, pitchers, glassware, amberina, knic-knacs, porcelain, dolls, statuettes, hutches, cabinets, chairs, utensils, I say, any number of things!

Granny's is located at: 4034 Victoria Ave,
Vineland, Ontario
Toll Free 1-877-211-0735

John Hartig Photos | Granny's Boot Antiques

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