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Sometimes just anything pops up to photograph. Here's a gallery for just that...anything.

Just Plain Things have always caught my eye as a photographer. Well, maybe not plain, there has to be some feature that's remarkable or distinct or colourful.

Photographing Things is a great outlet, lots of fun and can be good "therapy". I like taking pictures of anything at all, and then applying digital effects to them. Even if you don't have the eye of a Da Vinci, it's still good to produce something of your own creation. It's good for the human soul, whether your skill is great or small. I've included things, objects, still life, antiques, stained glass, digitally altered scenery and my travel photography in this category. Maybe that's somewhat arbitrary because...well, I needed to put some of my hard-to-categorize creativity somewhere!

Niagara Scenery Photographer John Hartig

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