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Jordan Village

Jordan Village is a quaint historic village offering beautiful surroundings for Niagara scenery. Jordan Village is rich in wineries, restaurants and fabulous craft and gift shops. There is an art gallery and a museum. Jordan Village is centrally located in Niagara Wine Country.

The Twenty Valley Trail is accessible at Jordan Village. Hikers make their way to the stairway up to the Jordan Historical Museum and continue on to the Ball's Falls. Walking and biking trails abound and lead right to Balls Falls. Accommodations are aplenty for visitors wanting to stay a while to explore this corner of the Niagara Region, that falls within the watershed known as "Twenty Mile Creek".

Twenty Mile Creek runs through this heartland of Niagara's extraordinary wine-producing and agricultural area. It's a hot-bed for tourists who can easily find information on what to do and what to discover through Niagara's Twenty Valley Association and Southern Ontario Tourism.

Niagara Scenery Photographer John Hartig

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