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Port Dalhousie

A quaint town on Lake Ontario, Port Dalhousie, is the home of The Henley Regatta. Port Dalhousie is a great tourist attraction for Niagara scenery photos. A string of shops along Main Street attract tourists who might be interested in unique arts, crafts, clothes and just plain window shopping. Port Dalhousie has two large marinas, two long piers and two old lighthouses.

Port Dalhousie is nestled adjacent to and just north-west of St. Catharines adding a distinctive character to the St. Catharines Tourism industry. A little town in itself, Port Dalhousie, boasts a proud history in the waterways and waterfronts of the Niagara Region with its two unique lighthouses, two long piers, its historical carousel (a nickel a ride) and its annual rowing regatta. It's a great place where you can stroll along the pier or walk barefoot along the sandy beach. Port Dalhousie is also home to The Dalhousie Yacht Club.

Niagara Scenery Photographer John Hartig

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