Niagara Spring Photography | Niagara Scenery

Niagara Spring Photography | Niagara Scenery

Zach and Jessica are neighbours across the street. They love it when spring comes in Niagara, and the time is right for planting a new tree on the front lawn. The time is also right for snagging pretty Niagara scenery photos. This photo was taken in spring 2014, and that tree has doubled in size by 2018.

I've devoted this particular page to my relatively new stuff. I hope you'll visit it from season to season...and by the way, I hope you'll also take a peek at my other Niagara seasons and scenery..

These pictures are reminiscent of the spring we had in 2014. That spring came late. It was a cold and wet one. I took the pictures in this slideshow during the third week of May. Usually, I'm out with my camera at the end of April and earlier in May. The white blossoms this year were washed away; the pink blossoms were just not as vibrant. However, gardeners soldiered on getting their trees and their flowers planted with some colourful effects on their porches and front lawns. My neighbours across the street, Zach and Jessica, were proud of their new house and proud of being a "lord and lady" of their new manor. As the first slide shows, they did some early gardening to prettify the place.

Niagara Scenery Photographer John Hartig

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