Canadian Crime Fiction | Duplicity

Canadian Crime Fiction


by John Hartig Coming Soon!

Canadian Crime Fiction | Duplicity

A Sgt. Benton Wright Crime Novel
There's Duplicity in Crooked Harbour. It seems like a straight-forward little town innocently nestled on the west coast of Newfoundland. It’s basically made up of a bunch of little houses, two churches, “the Indian quarter” [what everybody in town calls, “the Reserve”] and an RCMP outpost. When the fishing and logging industries quit decades ago, a lot of people moved out. And then the Lucky Strike Mining Company found gold in the region north-east of town bringing a lot of people back in looking for work.

Sergeant Benton Wright thinks that an economic boom is not necessarily a good thing for a little town. The police department, with only three officers, already has its hands full, trying to keep up with the abuse in a seniors’ home, poachers on the Indian side of town, teenage drunkenness, a car theft and the usual break and entry.

What they don’t need now is the town’s first murder! Which is exactly what they get! A teenager, recently released from juvenile detention, is accused...except that he didn’t do it! The real killer hides behind a mask of respectability. How will his duplicity be exposed and how will the real killer be brought to justice?

[Austin MacCauley, British Publisher 2018]



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Canadian Crime Fiction | Duplicity


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